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Baling Press

HSM Horizontal Balers

Key Features

  • No need to pre-crush materials
  • Less loading time required, No unnecessary movements, waiting time or forklift trips
  • Intuitive, multilingual operational guidance via graphic description
  • Suitable for industry, manufacturers and waste disposal companies

Product Description

Unlike a screw compactor, a hydraulic baler produces high-density bales of film, cardboard or paper. These have an optimised weight and a reduced volume, ensuring maximum utilisation of vehicle capacity when transporting bales. Less air is transported. HSM horizontal balers have a multitude of potential applications.

  • HSM horizontal hydraulic baler produces high-density bales of film, paper or cardboard, packaging and film are often used for the compression of materials which expand considerably e.g. foams, polystyrene, hollow bodies, tin buckets, drums, car tyres, and many other things.
  • Ideal for industry, processing and waste management businesses, logistics companies, central warehouses, wholesalers and retailers.
  • Our hydraulic paper presses work horizontally, which means that the material to be crushed is pressed against a counterplate. The bales are strapped manually with polyester strapping or wire.
  • The electrically secured bale ejection door with automatic bale ejection ensures maximum operator safety and simplicity of operation.
  • The compact bales are ejected from the bale press straight onto a pallet and can then be easily transported to wherever they will be stored.
  • This saves space as the bales require considerably less space whilst being stored temporarily.


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