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PET Crusher and Perforator

HSM PET Crusher and Perforator

Key Features

  • High throughput
  • Compact dimensions
  • Energy-efficient as a result of automatic switch-off
  • Continuous operation option available
  • Cost-effective solution for the recycling of PET bottles

Product Description

By using the HSM PET Crusher the volume of PET bottles can be reduced to around 25 or 30 percent of their original size. As a result, you save valuable space, time and money when it comes to the storage and transportation of empty PET bottles to be sent for recycling. The crusher rollers are made from a specially hardened and polished steel. The equipment as a whole is durable, robust and built to last. The machine is controlled by an easy-to-operate membrane keyboard.

  • HSM PET Crusher as a cost-effective solution for the Crushing, disposal and compaction of PET bottles for recycling
  • Empty PET bottles or drinks cans are fed manually via a loading hopper.
  • The special roller system perforates and compresses the plastic bottles and drinks cans.
  • The side walls thus interlock, ensuring maximum volume reduction. A further benefit of crushing is the reliable compaction of PET deposit bottles and cans.
  • The HSM PET Crusher is an effective system for compacting PET bottles and cans to around 1/3 or even 1/4 of their original volume.


The high-performance HSM perforators perforate PET bottles. This pre-treatment of material ensures compact bales for subsequent pressing. Empty or full PET bottles (sealed or unsealed) with a capacity of up to 2.5 litres are collected by two rollers and reliably perforated by a robust cutting system. This ensures that any residual air or liquid can drain away, preparing the bottles for subsequent pressing. An HSM baler is used to produce compact PET bales which are easy to transport, thus saving transport and storage costs.


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