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KOFAX Suite Workflow Automation

Kofax ControlSuite is a document workflow transformation enterprise software solution within the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform that integrates content-aware document capture, print and output management capabilities.

KOFAX Suite Workflow Automation

Transform your document capture, print and mobile workflows with content-aware process intelligence in a single fully integrated suite. Extend the value of your Multi-Function Device (MFD) investments with Multi-Channel Document Workflow Automation.

Kofax ControlSuite is an on-ramp for your digital transformation initiatives. By augmenting MFDs with intelligent automation capabilities and by connecting to business systems, ControlSuite delivers increased efficiencies and productivity while maximizing document security and ensuring compliance.

Work with information regardless of the channel - might it be paper or electronic. Transform all your data into actionable information and deliver it directly into your core business applications and processes.

KOFAX ControlSuite Features

Maximize security:

Ensure document security with content-aware workflows. Provide audit trails with an information chain of custody.

Safeguard compliance:

Apply consistent business rules and data protection policies like automatic redaction and watermarking.

Accelerate work and drive productivity:

Enrich information quality, increase accuracy and reduce error-prone manual tasks.

Connect workflows to cloud applications

Leverage higher levels of security and improve efficiencies through integration with cloud-based solutions.

Keep your workforce agile, connected and productive:

Deliver the power of mobile workflows to remote workforces with mobile capture, secure print release, elimination of paper forms and digital signatures.

Enhance intelligent capture capabilities:

Integrate with Kofax TotalAgility to transform business process automation across enterprise document management workflows.

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