Telecom Solutions

Matrix Multi-Port GSM/3G-FXS GATEWAYS

Key Features

  • GSM/4G Connectivity to Existing PBX
  • Quad-band GSM and Tri-band/4G Network Operation
  • Secure Network Bridging
  • Emergency Number Dialling, even in Absence of a SIM Card

Product Description

Most of the businesses have existing investments made in traditional wired-line telecom infrastructure known as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). This investment could be in the form of PBX, phones and wiring. GSM has emerged as a viable alternative to this fixed-line network and offers distinct advantages of its own. Today's businesses expect the specific benefits from GSM and POTS without sacrificing the existing well-running POTS infrastructure. Business organizations having access to both these networks need to bridge and interconnect them. This allows them to dynamically select one of the networks on per-call basis for obvious benefits of cost and Quality of Service (QoS).

Matrix SIMADO GFX44 is one such gateway equipment offering interfaces for multiple GSM ports and FXS ports. It can be used with any brand of existing PBX or even in a stand-alone mode. There is no need to change any aspect of the existing telephony infrastructure. Matrix SIMADO GFX44 works as an adjunct.

SIMADO GFX44 supports flexible routing options providing significant cost savings and round-the-clock connectivity.

Let Matrix SIMADO GFX44 add a competitive edge to your business by reducing telephone costs!


  • 1 FXS Port
  • 1


  • 1 FXS Port
  • 1 ON/OFF Switch
  • 1 GSM/3G Slot
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery


  • 4 FXS Port
  • 4 GSM/3G Slot
  • 1 Antenna for 4 SIM Cards

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